Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Belen Barragan


This week in my art 110 class I had the opportunity of catching up with Belen Barragan. I actually went to middle school with Belen but had not talked to her since eighth grade. She is a nutrition major and plans to one day run a private practice. She works at the Downey hospital which is where I last saw her when I was hospitalized earlier this summer. We also talked about some of the people we went to middle school with and who we are still in touch with.In response to this week’s question Belen said that the art which effects her the most is art that shows images of real life situations. She said that art that displaying real life situations can take you into the art. “The artist can take you into whatever time and place in the art, which aids in your understanding of the work.” Belen had a good point because in real life depictions artists can convey emotions and tones very clearly. It was good to catch up with her while viewing the SOA galleries. Check out her website belenbarragan.wordpress.com



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