Wk 5 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing


For this week’s art activity I experimented with graffiti writing. This was a completely new experience for me, especially because I always looked at graffiti art as criminal. Before engaging in this activity I watched the graffiti writing documentary Bomb It for my classes art talk discussion. Bomb It shed graffiti writing in a new light for me, showing graffiti artists’ viewpoints. The documentary helped me realized that not all graffiti is gang related and it is a legitimate art form. For the colors on my graffiti piece I used black, grey, and orange to add some pop to the writing. I used my actual name because I wanted to keep the piece, where if I would have made up a random moniker it wouldn’t have made much sense. I wrote on a large piece of cardboard. I had a good time creating this as it came out fluid, and using the spray cans was a lot easier than I initially though it would be. I am glad I was able to add this activity to my experiences. After watching Bomb It and creating my own piece of graffiti writing, my view and understanding of graffiti writing has changed for the better.



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