Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Artsist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Canvas, Paper, Bristol Board, Foamcore

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A (In Progress)

Instagram: @tiffuts

For this week’s artist conversation I talked with Blaine Scot Prow, a CSULB student who is currently pursuing a degree in studio art at the CSULB school of art. Prow went to high school in Newport Beach before attending CSULB. In this exhibition he shows his interest and appreciation of geometry, which he says he recognized at a young age.

Blaine Prow’s Extrusions is an exhibition containing canvases with geometrical 3D shapes protruding off of them. The 3D shapes coming out of the canvas were made out of bristol board, cut with an exacto knife and a ruler to keep the lines straight. There are eight actual pieces within the exhibition. One canvas has  two elongated pyramid type shapes coming out of it. Another has many crosses on the canvas with a cube coming out of the center of each cross. There is another canvas with a large white pyramid protruding out with a black square shape on the canvas. Most of the pieces contain black on the canvas, the black seems to be a reflection of the 3D geometric shapes protruding off of the canvas. The number six in black is on one of the canvases and there is an odd pyramid figure in the shape of a square that is over the donut hole shape of the number six.


When talking with Prow he said he has always had a fascination with geometry. He said he likes math because it is logical, one plus one equals two, everything simply adds up. I also talked with him about his love of cars. When he started college he was originally an engineering student looking to go into the car design field. Although he has changed his major to studio art, his career path hasn’t changed all that much as he now is going into the graphic designing of advertising for cars. Prow said that he even gravitates toward cars with sharper angular lines, some of his favorite cars include the Ferrari 308 and the Porsche 944. He added that he kept his pieces black and white because color would introduce another aspect to the viewer’s eye, taking away from the focus on the geometric shapes.

My initial reaction to this exhibition was that is was very plain because of the black and white theme. As I moved in closer, taking a good look at the pieces I began to appreciate the three dimensional shapes coming out of the canvas. I liked how all the 3D shapes where still in some way connected to the white surface. The black reflection look gave life to the white three dimensional figures. Prow’s comparison of his creation process to a factory, as he said it was very procedural and straight forward, was quite intriguing and added to the calculated nature of his work.




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