Wk 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

My art care package was sent to my 16 year old cousin in Miami. The care package contained a rapper from a clif bar I ate, a best buy receipt from a pair of headphones I bought, a headline regarding the latest Donald Trump scandal, an email from postmates stating they are refunding me for the beer I bought on Friday night, and two photos of Steve Mcqueen and Neile Adams with his Ferrari. Sending this art care package was similar to sending a snapchat in that I showed someone what is currently  going on in my world around me and what exactly I am showing interest in. It was different from sending a snapchat because you put more thought into it due to the fact that you have to assemble all the items, put them in the envelope and then mail them. I feel like the things you send over snap are less thought out simply because of the convenience of it compared to actually mailing an envelope. I think ephemera is cool because it can include items that are both insignificant or nostalgic. For example, if my grandchildren saw I paid one hundred dollars for a pair of headphones they may think that it is a ridiculously cheap price because in the future headphones may cost a lot more just because of inflation. The vintage photos of Steve Mcqueen mean something to our culture even today as he is an american icon and the Ferrari in the photo has actually gained significant value because it is a collector car. The art in paintings and the art in an ACP are different because I feel that many paintings are made for the masses and ACP art is more specific to whoever you are sending it to. The convenience of snapchat will cause what you send to often be less thoughtful. When you are forced to put in effort to send an envelope it makes you think more about what you would like to send out. The “love” put in an ACP is simply not possible in a snapchat, especially because the recipient of the ACP sees that you put in much more effort than just taking out your phone and sending a snapchat.img_2656


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