Wk 10 – Art Activity – Fiber Art Social Network

I think that the term “Social Network” applies to my real life friends but I mostly think of the term in a separate space. I feel that the term “Social Network” refers to strictly what goes on in that cyberspace. Social Networks can connect you to friends you have in real life but it also can connect you to random people who you never would’ve met in real life. It can also connect you to people that share the same interests as you, or even share common friends with you. I agree with Dunbar’s number because there are only a certain number of people which you can have truly stable and consistent social relationships with. After a certain number, the relationships beyond that tend to be very weak and inconsistent. The relationships beyond “150” are mostly limited to liking posts, maybe saying a quick “hi” when encountered in real life, and interactions both online and in real life are typically more far between than those who you share tighter relationships with. I would actually argue that the capacity for close relationships is less than 150 for most people. In addition to this argument, there are far more than two degrees of relationships. An individual might have 5 close friends, 10 less close friends in the same category, then 25 relationships in the next category, and so on. To have 1,000 Facebook friends is a good thing although you may not have the same level of relationship with all 1,000 people.It’s good to have a lot of Facebook friends because it allows you to hold some sort of relationship with these “outlier” friendships. Where in a world without Facebook you would usually just walk by this person if you see them in real life, with that awkward “I’m not sure if they recognize me” interaction. In a world with Facebook where you are liking each others posts, the interaction is less awkward because the relationship is constantly being refreshed in your head although you may not see each other in real life often. When visualizing my social network, I really wasn’t surprised because I know most of my even weak relationships. The aspect that Facebook may bring in is the super outlier friends who I might recognize their face but may have forgot their name; But in those instances, I typically won’t be Facebook friends with those people. I like to keep about 50 close relationships in my life because the more close relationships you have, the more opportunity you have. I do have extra friends with weak ties on Facebook, but I feel like even those people allow me to have even more opportunity. Although I don’t talk to these people often, I can reach them if need be and find some sort of common ground with them whether it be common friends or interests.


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