Wk 15 – Extra Credit: Feedback

I would say that the three activities I enjoyed the most from my Art 110 experience were 1. Landscapes with a Corpse, 2. Graffiti Writing, and 3. Zines and Flip Books. I enjoyed the photography work with landscape with a corpse. The graffiti and zines were cool because I felt like I was really able to personalize the works and makes them my own. My three least favorite activities were 1. Automatic drawing, 2. Art care package, and 3. Instagram. I didn’t like the automatic drawing because I felt like it was a little odd. Instagram was cool in that we got to take some nice photos, but it felt a little invasive like we had discussed in class. The hybrid was appropriate for this class and I felt that there was a healthy balance between class and online activities. Visiting the SOA galleries was nice because we got a chance to interact with the artists and really got a good understanding of the artists/ exhibitions we were writing about. Seeing other classmates blog posts is valuable and adds a sense of community to the class. Beacharts along with everyone’s word press sites make it feel like we have our own little social network for art 110. WordPress is a good tool that definitely stands to benefit a lot of us in our future endeavors. The art talk of the week video is useful because it allows professor Zucman to condense a lecture into a shorter time. Also, because it is a lecture video students can watch the video on their own time, which makes the class schedule more flexible in comparison to a normal in-class lecture.


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