Wk 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

For this week’s art 110 activity was finger painting. The experience was cool because it was a pretty wide open assignment, so I was able to take it in any direction that I wanted. The assignment invoked a lot of creativity because we didn’t have to paint anything specific as well as the abstract nature of finger painting. The experience was easy because I simply sat down and let myself finger paint the first things the came into my head. It was overall a little hard not to paint anything specific at all because my mind travels to specific objects, but for the most part my painting is abstract. There are a couple of specific subjects within my finger painting but even those subjects are a bit abstract. It’s confusing to paint something with no subject matter but if you can clear your head and go with the flow of your own energy then it can come easier. It is liberating to create a piece of abstract work like this because it can be seen of the kind of person you are or what is going on in your head at the time. This activity was different from graffiti writing in that in graffiti writing we had a specific subject to create which was our name, so the range of creativity was limited in comparison to this abstract finger painting activity. I personally can’t find any real visual connection between my finger painting and my graffiti art work but maybe some people will have some similarities in their two pieces of work. Overall, I found creating abstract work to be fun and a great way to invoke creativeness.



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